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Innovative solutions for enhanced subsurface recovery


Innovative solutions for enhanced subsurface recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

We aim to solve the grand challenge of enhanced oil recovery by addressing reservoir uncertainties in real-time and provide innovative solutions to recover greater amounts of oil with minimal new investment. Our products are scalable, modular, easy to implement and mobilize.

Waterflood Performance Optimization

We provide innovative solutions to optimize well and reservoir performance to maximize oil recovery based on reservoir modeling and simulation. Our methods are rooted use flow modeling processes and reservoir learning.

IOR and EOR Consulting

We offer expert consulting services for various EOR and IOR applications including brine chemistry modifications, surfactant applications, polymer applications, and thermal methods. We provide recommendations for screening various processes depending on reservoir and fluid characteristics and prescribe laboratory evaluation programs for identifying the right strategies. We also consult for the hydraulic fracturing industry by analysing distributed temperature and acoustic sensing data from fiber optic cables to achieve optimal multistage fracturing.

Fractured Well Optimization - Data Analysis

We offer consulting services in the area of data interpretation and data mining for oil and gas. We specialize in the unconventional space by implementing sophisticated machine learning techniques to identify and optimize well performance to maximize recovery from horizontal multistage fractured wells. Our team consists of professionals with advanced degrees and decades of research experience in gas and oil recovery from tight rock systems. Field experience includes Eagleford, Marcellus, and Piceance. Some services we offer are:

  • advanced data analysis with statistical machine learning/pattern recognition - this will help identify the optimal well stimulation parameters such as number of stages, type of frac fluid, proppant - all we need is the field production information and the operating parameters and we will do the data analysis.
  • fractured well reservoir simulation and forecasting
  • IOR applications for fractured shales with lower costs


We are a technology driven company that aims to improve subsurface resource recovery, including oil, gas, and geothermal energy. We also aim to apply our technologies to subsurface carbon dioxide sequestration applications.


Our expert team

We have world leading experts on reservoir engineering, unconventional hydrocarbon recovery, modeling, and process optimization, with extensive experience in the energy sector including oil super majors.

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